MeWater Foundation was founded by Eddie Donnellan and Tim Gras. Eddie and Tim met as teenagers through growing up and surfing here in the San Francisco Bay Area, and later in life worked together for many years in the mental health field at Edgewood Center for Children and Families. Eddie and Tim's passion for helping children and families is the driving force behind the mission of MeWater Foundation. Eddie and Tim have witnessed first hand through their direct care experience with youth and families how the simple things in life, such as exposure to the ocean and mother nature, can have amazing power to educate, inspire and empower youth and families.

Additionally, MeWater's staff of volunteers are like minded mental health professionals, who also thrive in outdoor youth activities, and typically are specialists in certain outdoor settings, whether that be the ocean, the mountains or The Arts. MeWater's vision is to take our programs as far as we can, but always with an emphasis on educating, inspiring and empowering the youth, as well as their families.

If you are interested in donating to our cause, we would be so appreciative. All donations are tax deductible.