Founded in San Francisco in 2015, MeWater Foundation is a Bay Area organization run by surfers and mental health professionals.


MeWater Foundation works to address adjustments of trauma and stress in young people from backgrounds of poverty and violence and provide a different way of relating to the world and communities that they live in.  


Young people growing up in challenging circumstances often experience barriers to accessing emotional support they need to cope with the stress of daily life. The constant stressors of under-resourced communities often result in behavioral and learning problems, the increase of social isolation in its members, and a need for realistic opportunities that enable young people to prosper. 


MeWater Foundation aims to connect vulnerable young people to positive community members and create opportunities for youth to develop new skills, practice new coping mechanisms and form positive, reciprocal relationships with trusted peers. This is not a form of "treatment", this is drawing out the strengths of community by connecting people together and sharing the benefits of surfing and the ocean as a group. 


MeWater Foundation is about more than surfing. It is about increasing one's own self reliance and purpose. It is about leveraging the strengths of people and reducing social isolation by growing positive connections within the community with the ocean as a conduit to improvement of wellbeing. 


Eddie Donnellan, founder and President of MeWater Foundation sees it quite clearly:

"My nearly 20 years of direct care work with at risk youth and families has taught me so many life lessons, with the most important being that exposing kids to the basics, like the ocean, the mountains, and just being outside and being "mindful" allows them to be free, to find simple joy, while at the same time, challenging themselves, both physically and emotionally. To be able to experience this joy, is the "why" behind what MeWater Foundation stands for". 

"I have worked hands on with and managed programs that take care of what society calls difficult and lost hope type kids, and while I don't believe one bit in giving up hope, one thing that I do believe in is giving our future/our kids a chance. The ocean and the all that Mother Nature provides is this chance. And as the data and evidenced based research that I have been a part of is a testament to, I want to continue to push our youth to experience one of life's greatest gifts."

"Thanks for being a part of MeWater Foundation. And let's get the children and families out there"!!!

-Eddie Donnellan/Founder and President of MeWater Foundation

MeWater Foundation provides day and overnight camps to youth, families and groups, with a mental health approach to mindfulness, empowerment and exposure to the ocean and the great outdoors.


Our Mission

MeWater Foundation's mission is to educate, inspire and empower youth and families through exposure to the magic of mother nature.

Eddie and Tim from MeWater Foundation are exactly who I want my children with enjoying the great outdoors.
— Local Parent, San Francisco, Ca.